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Concerns & Open Issues

How do you get onto stage ssh. OK but then how do you get you cert initialized on stage? myproxy-get-deligation will let you get a proxy based on blazerid / pw. We don't need to worry about client side download of certs.

Misc Notes

We can describe:

  • How resources can be added to UABgrid (or SURAgrid)
  • Details on grid management
  • Work that still needs doing.
  • How the @lab VO's goal is to help manage the grid and invitations to join.
  • More details about the collaboration features available via UABgrid.

Basically, this is where we can go over the things that are working but still need some exploration.


  • UABgrid IdM
  • UABgrid GridShib CA
  • UABgrid stage running GridWay
  • UABgrid file grid
  • Cheaha running globus and sge connector
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