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Recommended Structure

The following is a proposed structure for this page. We want this to be as user friendly as possible since it will likely be the first stop for new MATLAB users.

The installation instructions should cover the following (where necessary add screen shots)

  1. Have the user create the network.lic file prior to starting the installation. The installer prompts for this file and copies it to the installation location ($MATLABROOT/licenses/network.lic). Thus, instruct the user to create it in their (My) Documents folder and name it network.lic
  2. "Install using the Internet" or "Install without using the Internet"
  3. Assuming Internet, the prompt "Select a license" we need to list the exact string to select, considering some users may have several options. In some cases the users may see both of the following, which one is the correct option for a 'simplified' install:
    • "Total Academic Headcount Campus - TAH Designated Computer"
    • "Total Academic Headcount Campus - TAH Network Concurrent User"
    It may also be confusing because the ( states that "Matlab Designated Computer Install" and "Matlab Network Concurrent User Install" are both described as "only recommended for mobile users" and "only recommended for system administrators" yet the above options are the only that are available when attempting the simple install.
  4. Typical or Custom, power users will always lean toward custom, might be worth pointing out that you should choose custom if you need to change the default installation location
  5. Which products should the user install, and should they install the license manager (that will be an especially confusing option for most)
  6. Provide the full path to the license file. Instruct the user to click Browse and select the network.lic file created prior to install
  7. Create symlinks or not (for Linux and possibly Mac installs), will need to explain that this will require administrator rights
  8. Possibly document the steps to edit ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile (mac) to alter the PATH variable to include the MATLABROOT/bin directory if the user chose not to install to the default location or chose not to create the symlinks

I have added a section for Common Issues to the page. We can change the name/location/format of this section later, but I wanted to get a Red Hat related issue on the page before I forgot :-)

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