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First, get an account by contacting

web interface

Once you have an account, you can import individual items using the wizard on the site.

bulk import web page

  1. connect to the smb:\\\dspacestage smb share
  2. make a copy of the templateImport directory
  3. make a directory for each item (see item1 dir example)
  4. copy files for each item into their directories
  5. for each item edit dublin_core.xml and enter correct values
  6. contents file is just a list of files without contents or dublin_core.xml (i.e. ls -1 > contents, then delete the lines for those two files)
  7. then delete the readme.txt file and the item1 example folder and upload using

command line interfaces

require ssh access to dspace server



example import statement>
$DSPACE_DIR/bin/import -a -e -c 4 -s myNewArchive  -m mapfile


bulk data import with sword

The DSpace Course, Import and Export. Lewis, Stuart and Yates, Chris; 14-Aug-2008, This module introduces the import and export functionality in DSpace, specifically the batch import and export scripts. import and export

good luck!

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