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This is a stub. Please see the MATLAB application page for more information and a general overview of MATLAB and its use at UAB.


MATLAB Simplified Install

A quick sketch of the install (Please engage in the Discussion to improve documentation of these steps):


  1. Follow the instructions detailed in Downloading and Installing MATLAB. An outline of these installation steps are as follows:
    1. Create an account at the Mathworks site using your campus email address if you do not have one already.
    2. Request an activation key.
    3. Associate to the campus-wide license using your activation key.
    4. Download the software from mathworks download site and install.
  2. Activate the software: Add the following content to the network.lic file in the installation
SERVER 27000

On Mac's this file is located in /Applications/

On Linux systems it is usually located at /usr/local/matlabR2010a/licenses/network.lic (conditional to the install location being /usr/local)

Common Issues Error when starting MATLAB on a Red Hat / Fedora workstation

When executing 'matlab' on a Red Hat / Fedora workstation you may receive the following error:

'bin/glnxa64/MATLAB: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

The solution is to install the libXp package (this will require root privileges)

$ sudo yum install libXp
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