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* bwa  
* bwa  
** bwa-0.6.2 [ (download src)] [[NgsCctsBuildBwa]]
** bwa-0.6.2 [ (download src)] [[NgsCctsBuildBwa]]
** mosaik-2.1 exe_dist too old, must build from source [ (download src)] [[NgsCctsBuildMosaik]]

== Short Read (denovo) Assemblers ==
== Short Read (denovo) Assemblers ==

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Shared CCTS NGS apps

This page documents apps installed by the CCTS BMI group in cheaha:/share/apps/ngs-ccts

Links to latest versions of each package are in /share/apps/ngs-ccts/latest.

See also PublicDatasetsNgs for genomes, indices and databases



Alignment Visualization

Short Read Aligners

Short Read (denovo) Assemblers

SNP analysis

  • SnpEff
    • snpeff_3_1 (zip)
      • scripted install of galaxy wrappers galaxy/tools/snpEff/
      • gene indexes for all available genomes downloaded and install
        • 1112 genomes, 4.8G
        • data in /scratch/share/public_datasets/ngs/databases/snpEff/3_1/data
        • parallel download script /scratch/share/public_datasets/ngs/scripts/databases/snpEff/qsub_download_snpEff_genome

in process