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| UAB Matlab site license |
| UAB Matlab site license |
* About the [[UAB TAH license]]
* About the [[UAB TAH license]]
* Matlab seminar for data analysis.  Please sign up [http://www.mathworks.com/seminars/uab0211 here].
** '''Time''' Feb 10, 3 pm.  Sign-in begins 2:45 PM.  Walk-ins welcome.
** '''Location'''  Margaret Cameron Spain Auditorium, 615 18th Street South.  Entrance on the corner of 19th Street South and 7th Avenue South.
** '''Content'''  We will provide an overview of MATLAB through live demonstrations, examples, and user testimonials, showing how you can use MATLAB and related toolboxes to:
*** Access data from many sources (files, other software, hardware, etc.)
*** Use interactive tools for iterative exploration, design, and problem solving
*** Automate and capture your work in easy-to-write scripts and programs
*** Share your results with others by automatically creating reports
*** Build and deploy GUI-based applications
**'''MATLAB''' provides a flexible environment for teaching and research in a wide range of applications, including signal processing and communications, image processing, math and optimization, statistics and data analysis, control systems, hardware data acquisition, computational finance, and computational biology. This seminar is appropriate for attendees with beginner to expert MATLAB experience.
* An [[MATLAB|overview of MATLAB]] and instructions on installing
* An [[MATLAB|overview of MATLAB]] and instructions on installing
* Skip to specific steps:
* Skip to specific steps:

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Welcome to UABgrid

UABgrid is a technology platform being built to support research at UAB.

UABgrid provides a framework for sharing data, accessing compute power, and collaborating with peers on campus and around the globe. Our goal is to construct a dynamic network of services that supports the development and execution of advanced research processes.

The UABgrid pilot was launched in September 2007 and has since focused on demonstrating the utility of the platform in three key areas:

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) - Cheaha, a compute fabric to power even the largest analysis work loads
  • Data Sharing - supporting the trusted exchange of information to spark new ideas
  • Collaboration - putting the tools you need at your fingertips

The research platform is being built on the same technology foundation that has successfully served the needs of prominent national and international initiatives like caBIG, the Open Science Grid, TeraGrid, and the LHC Computing Grid.

Construction of the research platform is lead by UAB IT in cooperation with a growing list of collaborators that includes the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC), the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Health System Information Services (HSIS). Platform development is conducted openly via the UABgrid development wiki.

UAB Matlab site license

This wiki also hosts the ResearchNotebook and the ResearchArchive wiki. The ResearchNotebook provides a commons to discuss academic research and academic writing at UAB. It is the sister website for the Research Notebook blog [1]. The ResearchArchive is a pilot repository for primary data, presentations, ePrints, and other products of research effort at UAB. These projects are a collaboration between Lister Hill Library, UAB IT, and the School of Optometry's Center for the Development of Functional Imaging.

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