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=='''[[How To...]]'''==
==[[How To...]]==
==='''Computer and coding related how-to's'''===
===Computer and coding related how-to's===
[[Using Linux]]
[[Using Linux]]
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[[Coding Help]]
[[Coding Help]]
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*[[Eye Tracker]]
*[[Eye Tracker]]
==='''fMRI related how-to's and important links'''===
===fMRI related how-to's and important links===
[[General Information]]
[[General Information]]
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===UAB Neuroimaging Tools and How-To's (requires blazer id)===
===UAB Neuroimaging Tools and How-To's (requires blazer id)===
'''[[Imaging Protocols]]'''
[[Imaging Protocols]]
'''[[Analysis Scripts]]'''
[[Analysis Scripts]]
'''[[Behavioral data analysis techniques]]'''
[[Behavioral data analysis techniques]]
'''[[Institutional Review Board]]'''
[[Institutional Review Board]]

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Visual Brain Core Mission

Our mission is to help produce high quality, cutting edge research examining the visual brain. To achieve this, we will help investigators overcome some common barriers to performing high quality vision research, and provide forums to discuss new ideas and research techniques.

Information For Visual Brain Core

Boilerplate text for grant proposals using Visual Brain Core:

Boilerplate for personnel resources Boilerplate for computing resources

Visual Brain Core Personnel and Office Hours

  • Demet Gurler, PhD: Consultation on experimental design and data analysis issues.
  • Office Hours: Tuesday, 1:00 -5:00 pm, Thursday, 8:00 am-12:00 pm

Visual Brain Core Seminar Series

Every third Friday, 3:30 PM in CIRC 120. We will discuss new ideas and techniques in brain imaging. List of speakers in Visual Brain Core Seminar Series

Other information

Protocols in the scanner:

Info about specific processing pipelines implemented on Cheaha

Info about backup resources

Links to info about certain most used protocols and software downloads and mailing lists for different software.

Neuroimaging at UAB

UAB Neuroimaging Facilities

Civitan Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory

UAB-HSF MEG Laboratory

Small Animal Imaging Shared Facility

Equipment for collecting behavioral data during Neuroimaging

Neuroimaging and Systems Neuroscience Labs at UAB

UAB-Auburn University Collaboration for Neuroimaging

Auburn University MRI Research Center Siemens Magnetom 7T

UAB & Auburn Neuroimaging Journal Club

  • Neuroimaging journal Club. Every other Friday at noon, second floor CIRC. Contact Adrienne Lahti to get on the mailing list

UAB & Auburn Neuroimaging Retreat


How To...

Computer and coding related how-to's

Using Linux



Coding Help

fMRI related how-to's and important links

General Information Tools

Brain atlases

Cool Websites for Beginners

fMRI statistics

UAB Neuroimaging Tools and How-To's (requires blazer id)

Imaging Protocols

Analysis Scripts

Behavioral data analysis techniques Institutional Review Board

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