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University of Alabama at Birmingham Mathworks Total Academic Headcount License

UAB has acquired a university wide site license for MATLAB and Simulink software. With the exception of the distributed computing server, this license will include all Mathworks Inc. products currently used at UAB. In addition, there will be several new toolboxes and blocksets included in the license. The new Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license will make it easier for everyone in the UAB community to use MATLAB and other Mathworks products. Specifically, it will enable use of MATLAB on university owned machines for all faculty, staff and students. Faculty and staff will also be entitled to install the software on personally owned computers. The TAH allows both unlimited use of MATLAB in both teaching and research activities, but only full time faculty and staff can install full collection of MATLAB and any of the 42 toolboxes and block-sets on their computers for UAB work. Students can use Mathworks software on UAB computers on campus. UAB will be first university in Alabama to implement a TAH license.

Key Features 
Covers non-commercial work of all staff and students at degree-granting institutes
Allows faculty and researchers access on and off campus
Provides MathWorks products to all disciplines and through all levels of study, beginning first year
UAB TAH Asset Managers
CAS: Fran Fabrizio, and Ken Neilson:
CAS, Physics: David L. Shealy, Ph.D.,
Engineering: Thomas P Foley, and Mike Hanby,
IT Research Computing: Mike Hanby,
Medicine: Kristina M Visscher,Ph.D., and Mark Bolding,
Optometry, Vision Science: Paul D Gamlin, Ph.D.,
other resources 
mathworks TAH admin guide [1] This is a comprehensive document covering many aspects of the license in depth.
description of all Mathworks products [2]
How to ...
UAB Matlab site license install instructions for standalone computers
UAB Matlab network concurrent license server install instructions
Getting started with MATLAB and Simulink
UAB Matlab site license FAQ
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