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* [[2013]] -- OpenStack at UAB
* [[2013]] -- OpenStack at UAB
* [[RCDay2016|2016]] -- HPC Expansion
* [[RCDay2016|2016]] -- HPC Expansion
* [[RCDay2017|2017]] -- GPU Computing


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Research Computing Day is a dialog within the UAB research community about leveraging the power of computers to grow the depth of our investigation into the nature of the world that surrounds us. The annual event welcomes discussions on science, engineering, the arts and humanities focused on the drive to open new research frontiers with advances in technology.

Whether computers are used to increase the accuracy of a model, interpret the ever-growing stream of data from new image collections and instruments, or engage with peers around the globe, UAB’s status as a leading research community depends on the ability to incorporate these capabilities into the research process. By participating in the dialog of Research Computing Day at UAB, researchers can share how they are using these methods to enhance their research, gain new insights from peers, and contribute their voices to the growth of research at UAB.

Research Computing Day 2017

Research Computing Day 2017 will be held October 13, 2017 from 10:30am to 4:00pm at the Hill Student Center, Alumni Theater.


Since 2007, The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology has sponsored an annual dialog on the role of technology in research. These events joined UAB with national dialogs on the role of Cyberinfrastructure in research held at campuses across the country.

Previous UAB Research Computing Days

  • 2007 -- Co-hosted along with the ASA site visit, providing an overview of new services and upcoming launce of the UABgrid pilot. (No web record)
  • 2008 -- Focus on grid computing and collaboration technologies, in particular the caBIG program with guest speakers from Booz Allen Hamilton who managed the NCI caBIG program and SURA (agenda currently offline)
  • 2010 -- Featured introduction to Galaxy platform for genetic sequencing by Dell staff scientist (agenda currently offline)
  • 2011 -- Understanding growth of research computing support at peer institutions UNC and Emory
  • 2012 -- Growing data sciences at UAB
  • 2013 -- OpenStack at UAB
  • 2016 -- HPC Expansion