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MATLAB Support

MATLAB User Group

MATLAB support at UAB is available via a network of volunteers sharing their knowledge with peers. You can reach out to this community for questions on using or installing MATLAB by joining the MATLAB user group.

People providing IT support to colleagues or departments are especially encouraged to join the MATLAB user group to get help with installation questions that are not yet covered fully in this wiki.


The MATLAB wiki page is the starting point for all documentation on MATLAB at UAB. All users are encouraged to contribute to the MATLAB knowledge in this wiki, especially if you see areas where improvements are needed. Remember, this knowledge base is only as good as the people who contribute to it.

Contributing to the wiki is as easy as clicking the login link on the top-right of the page and signing in with your UAB BlazerID. If you are unsure about making an edit, you can make suggestions for improvement on the page's Discussion tab or discuss the proposed improvement in the MATLAB user group.

MATLAB User Group Archives

Archives of MATLAB user group discussions are available on-line. You may find your question is already answered in these archives.

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