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A short blurb about what this software does and who might be interested in using it. You should provide a link to the upstream project. A Wikipedia page name reference can be helpful here, if it it exists.


How to use {{{1}}}

How to use the software. Describe how to use it on the cluster by setting your environment.

Better yet, write a modules file and tell folks what module they need to load

 module load {{{1}}}

How to build {{{1}}}

Describe the steps followed to build this software.

NOTE: This is critical to reproducible research and should be considered a core part of your research notebook.

Make sure you are using AppBuildBestPractices

Getting Help

If you are providing support for this software on the cluster let folks know how to reach you. At least let the know where they can find help online in the upstream community.


At a minimum record the link to the upstream project from where you got this software.

See Editing_Docs for information on how to edit pages on this site.

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