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Visual Studio Code

To use the the SSH extension to access files on Cheaha, please follow the instructions in the documentation for installation. Once it is installed, follow these instructions to set up the SSH config file. The following assumes SSH is installed locally, and that a config file exists in the usual location for your operating system. The commands assume you have an open Visual Studio Code window.

  1. Open the command palette, default hotkey "Ctrl + Shift + P".
  2. Locate "Remote-SSH: Connect to Host..." by typing part of the command at the prompt.
  3. Click the command in the palette prompt.
  4. Click "Configure SSH Hosts...".
  5. Choose the location of the existing config file.
  6. In the new editor window that opened, add the following lines then save the file.
Host cheaha
  User <username>

The text <username> should be replaced by the user name you use to access Cheaha. The "User" line is not necessary but can save some time.


First, ssh into VM like normal:


If you are trying to edit file on VM, not Cheaha, make sure you have tmux installed on system.

# Ubuntu
sudo apt install tmux

# CentOS
sudo yum install tmux

Now, create a tmux session and detach right away.

tmux new

# Ctrl+B then D
^B d

You can exit this ssh connection now.


Now ssh with the following command:

ssh -t "tmux attach"

or you can setup in your ssh config(~/.ssh/config):

Host cheaha
  User <username>
  RequestTTY force
  RemoteCommand tmux attach

With the setting you can ssh with:

ssh cheaha

Everytime you finish you editing on remote, either Cheaha or VM, use the detach command:

# Ctrl+B then D
^B d

With tmux Control Mode

Note: It only works with iTerm2 on MacOS

ssh with remote command and special option -t Force pseudo-terminal allocation.

ssh -t "tmux -CC attach"
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