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Please add to this list of papers that have resulted from visual brain core and Civitan International Neuroimaging Laboratory resources.

1. Griffis JC, Elkhetali AS, Burge WK, Chen RH, Visscher KM. (2015) Retinotopic patterns of background connectivity between V1 and fronto-parietal cortex are modulated by task demands. Front Hum Neurosci.  Jun 8;9:338. PMID: 26106320

2. Griffis, JC, Elkhetali, AS, Vaden, RJ, Visscher, KM (2015) Distinct effects of trial-driven and task set-related control in primary visual cortex. Neuroimage 120, 285–297. PMID 26163806

3. Schmidt EL, Burge WK, Visscher KM, Ross LA (2015) Cortical Thickness in Frontoparietal and Cinglo-opercular Networks Predicts Executive Function Performance in Older Adults. Neuropsychology Oct 12. PMID 26460586

4. Kraguljac NV, White DM, Hadley JA, Visscher KM, Knight D, ver Hoef L, Falola B, Lahti AC (2016) Abnormalities in large scale functional networks in unmedicated patients with schizophrenia and effects of risperidone. NeuroImage Clinical. 10, 146–158.

5. Burge, W., Griffis, J., Nenert, R., Elkhetali, A., DeCarlo, D., ver Hoef, L., Ross, L., Visscher, K., (2016). Cortical thickness in human V1 associated with central vision loss. Scientific Reports, Mar 24, 6:23268 PMID: 27009536

6. Griffis, J. C., Burge, W. K., & Visscher, K. (2016). Age-dependent cortical thinning of peripheral visual field representations in primary visual cortex. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 8(October), 1–7.

7. Griffis, J., Elkhetali, A., Burge, W., Chen, R., Bowman, A., Szaflarski, J., & Visscher, K. (2016). Retinotopic patterns of functional connectivity between V1 and large-scale brain networks during resting fixation. NeuroImage, 1, 1–13.

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