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Please use the new documentation url for all Research Computing documentation needs.

As a result of this move, we have deprecated use of this wiki for documentation. We are providing read-only access to the content to facilitate migration of bookmarks and to serve as an historical record. All content updates should be made at the new documentation site. The original wiki will not receive further updates.

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The Research Computing Team

Build/Install Broad's Vicuna


NCBI toolkit 7.0.0

NOTE: This takes a veyr long time!!!

 # download
 cd /share/apps/ngs-ccts/downloads
 # uncompress
 cd ..
 tar xzvf ../downloads/ncbi_cxx--7_0_0.tar.gz
 cd ncbi_cxx--7_0_0
 # bulid
 ./configure --prefix=/share/apps/ngs-ccts/ncbi_cxx--7_0_0 --with-optimization --with-mt --with-dll
 make install



 # download - by hand - requires registration
 cd /share/apps/ngs-ccts/downloads
 # uncompress
 cd ..
 unzip downloads/  -x '__MACOSX/*'

configure & build

 cd /share/apps/ngs-ccts/VICUNA_v1.2/src
 # patch in NCBI C++ library path
 sed -i.orig -c -e 's|MYPATH=.*|MYPATH=/share/apps/ngs-ccts/ncbi_cxx--7_0_0|' Makefile
 # set NCBI C++ into LIB path
 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/share/apps/ngs-ccts/ncbi_cxx--7_0_0/lib
 # !! Waiting for NCBI to finish building

build vicuna_analysis

 cd /share/apps/ngs-ccts/VICUNA_v1.2/scripts/vicuna_analysis
 make clean
 make all

Note: pre-built exe for Linux 64bit!

in the "executable" subdirectory! see [1] but I've had some trouble with it. Now using only built version.



  • MUSCLE v3.8: /share/apps/galaxy/galaxy-tools/bin/muscle: MUSCLE v3.8.31
  • R 2.9+: /share/apps/galaxy/galaxy-tools/bin/R: R version 2.13.0 (2011-04-13)
  • Mosaik 2.1: /share/apps/ngs-ccts/MOSAIK_2.1.73-source/bin NgsCctsBuildMosaik
  • GeneWise 2.2.0: /share/apps/ngs-ccts/wise2.2.0: NgsCctsGeneWise
    • export WISECONFIGDIR=/share/apps/ngs-ccts/wise2.2.0/wisecfg/
    • Caution: galaxy has GeneWise 1.0 - which may be in path!


  • /share/apps/ngs-ccts/VfatSoftwarePackage
  • configfile.txt - backup
 mv configfile.txt configfile.txt.orig
  • configfile.txt - fill in paths
 # configfile.txt
 # where VFAT is installed
 scriptpath = '/share/apps/ngs-ccts/VfatSoftwarePackage/'
 # ----------------------------------------------------------------
 # bin folder of the Mosaik distribution
 mosaikpath = '/share/apps/ngs-ccts/MOSAIK-2.1.73-source/bin/'
 # networkFile folder of your Mosaik distribution
 mosaiknetworkpath = '/share/apps/ngs-ccts/MOSAIK-2.1.73-source/networkFile/'
 # ----------------------------------------------------------------
 # samtools install path
 samtoolspath = '/share/apps/galaxy/galaxy-tools/bin/samtools/'
 # ----------------------------------------------------------------
 # Muscle 3.8 installation
 musclepath = '/share/apps/galaxy/galaxy-tools/bin/'
 # ----------------------------------------------------------------
 perlpath = '/usr/bin/perl'
 # ----------------------------------------------------------------
 # path for the binaries of your installation of wise2.2. It should
 # be in your wise2.2.0 folder under /src/bin/.
 genewisepath = '/share/apps/ngs-ccts/wise2.2.0/src/bin/'
 # path for config folder that is required by wise2.2. It
 # should be in your wise2.2.0 folder under /wisecfg/.
 genewisecfgpath = '/share/apps/ngs-ccts/wise2.2.0/wisecfg/'
 # ----------------------------------------------------------------
 # /share/apps/ngs-ccts/wise2.2.0/wisecfg
 Rpath = '/share/apps/galaxy/galaxy-tools/bin/'
 # ----------------------------------------------------------------
 # VICUNA/V-FAT species-specific reference data
 refDataPath = '/share/apps/ngs-ccts/VfatSoftwarePackage/ViralReferenceGenomes/'
  • run script to copy all scripts from configfile.txt into *.pl (ick!)
 cd /share/apps/ngs-ccts/VfatSoftwarePackage
 # first clean up perl path in
 sed -i.orig '1 s|^.*perl|#!'`which perl`'|'; diff
 # then run it
 ./ ./configfile.txt
  • clean up #! lines & perms - the leaves an (illegal) space in there
 # set to /usr/bin/perl
 sed -i.orig '1 s|^.*perl|#!'`which perl`'|' *.pl
 chmod +x *.pl
  • fix incorrectly spelled argument in
# inline patch 
patch <