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Attention: Research Computing Documentation has Moved

Please use the new documentation url for all Research Computing documentation needs.

As a result of this move, we have deprecated use of this wiki for documentation. We are providing read-only access to the content to facilitate migration of bookmarks and to serve as an historical record. All content updates should be made at the new documentation site. The original wiki will not receive further updates.

Thank you,

The Research Computing Team


Mediawiki is a wiki software to enable communities to write documents collaboratively [1]. Mediawiki, written in PHP, is what powers Wikipedia and also UABgrid documentation. The markup for Mediawiki is similar to other open-source wiki software like Trac, ie., it has WYSIWIG editing capabilities to translate formatting instructions to corresponding HTML tags.

For any questions on UABgrid docs or for having your own wiki space, please send an email to


Help on editing wikis and formatting text etc. on mediawiki can be found here.

Wiki Owners

Users and Groups Management

To view the current list of groups (and permissions for each group) or users for your wiki, go to

  1. Special pages link in the Toolbox section (left sidebar) of your wiki
  2. Click on User group rights (groups) or Users list (users)

Group permissions for the current mediawiki install on UABgrid is managed in the following manner:

  1. Click on Special pages link in the Toolbox section (left sidebar) of your wiki
  2. Click on User rights management link in the Users and rights section
  3. Type #<user-id> for eg., #3 in the text box for the username. (this is because of limitations with the current mediawiki install on docs)
  4. Check/uncheck the boxes to change groups for the user-id mentioned above

Interwiki Links

Mediawiki provides an easy way to point to non-wiki sites with URL substitution in the form of Interwiki links. You can add/edit the current list of interwiki links for your wiki by going to

  1. Special pages link on the left sidebar
  2. Click on View and edit interwiki data in the Wiki data and tools section


To setup and develop for mediawiki on UABgrid, please see the page here.


Download Mediawiki
Setting up Mediawiki