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(Collection of MatLab Pool configuration information)

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This page consolidates several bits of information relevant to MatLabPool operation. The information was originally on the MatLab DCS page.

[edit] Client Firewalls

The information below was obtained from this MATLAB FAQ page.

[edit] Linux

You are running a firewall on your Linux workstation, aren't you? Good. In order for MATLAB communicate properly with the Distributed Computing Server on cheaha, you'll need to open a range of ports, specifically TCP ports 27370 thru 27470. A typical entry in an iptables firewall chain would look like the following (where is the IP address for

# 20100915 - Mike Hanby - MATLAB Parallel computing toolbox port range
-A INPUT -s -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 27370:27470 -j ACCEPT
# end MATLAB

Once the firewall script has been updated, the firewall must be reloaded / restarted.

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