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This page consolidates several bits of information relevant to MatLabPool operation. The information was originally on the MatLab DCS page.

Client Firewalls

The information below was obtained from this MATLAB FAQ page.


You are running a firewall on your Linux workstation, aren't you? Good. In order for MATLAB communicate properly with the Distributed Computing Server on cheaha, you'll need to open a range of ports, specifically TCP ports 27370 thru 27470. A typical entry in an iptables firewall chain would look like the following (where is the IP address for

# 20100915 - Mike Hanby - MATLAB Parallel computing toolbox port range
-A INPUT -s -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 27370:27470 -j ACCEPT
# end MATLAB

Once the firewall script has been updated, the firewall must be reloaded / restarted.

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