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Cheaha Summer Maintenance 2017

We will be performing our bi-annual maintenance on Cheaha starting July 23 thru the 29th. We intend to make our best effort to have the storage ($HOME, $USER_DATA, $USER_SCRATCH and /data/project) online as early as possible during the maintenance window Any jobs running at the time that the maintenance starts will be terminated. We may have to delete pending jobs as well.

The following maintenance is planned:

  • Upgrade Bright Cluster Manager from version 7.3 to 8.0 (The core operating system will remain EL 7.3)
  • Upgrade DDN GPFS Software Stack to the latest version
  • Upgrade firmware on all hardware
  • Replace DenyHosts with Fail2Ban on the Login node (Brute force SSH protection)
  • Migration of user $HOME directories to a new SAN (backend storage)
  • Migration of /share/apps to the new SAN storage
  • Migration of /cm/shared data to the new SAN storage

Please direct any questions to support@LISTSERV.UAB.EDU

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