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Mac OS user notes

Open Source Software

MacPorts: Tool to access and install open-source software on the Mac OS X operating system.

Software Install

  • Microsoft Office 2008: Download ISO from UAB IT software library. The Mac OS X is able to do installation directly from an ISO file.


  • Firefox: Download and install Firefox from the Mozilla website
  • Thunderbird: Download and Install Thunderbird from here.
Mailbox Alert Add-on to Thunderbird

By default, Thunderbird on Mac does not provide a pop up for new messages. To get pop-ups from thunderbird, every time you get a new message, install this Mailbox Alert Add-on. After installing the add-on,

  1. Select a folder in your account
  2. Go to Tools -> Mailbox Alert Preferences
  3. Check Show a message and type in a message in the second blank text field
  4. Check icon
  5. Check Play a sound
  6. Click Global Preferences and change Position, Effect, Pop up duration On click options to your liking.

Now you will get a pop up and the folder with the new message will be highlighted in blue with the number of new messages in parentheses beside the folder.

MIME Edit Add-on to Thunderbird

To open file attachments of type *.doc, *.pdf etc., from Thunderbird, this MIME Edit Add-on. After installing the Add-on,

  1. Go to menu Tools->MIME Edit...
  2. Go to Edit tab and click "New Type" button
  3. In "MIME type" and "Extension" textfields, type "PDF".
  4. Select the radiobutton "Open it with" and choose the path of acroread application by clicking the 'Choose' button.
  5. Click OK on all open dialogs and restart Thunderbird.


  • LDAP for address book: Check UAB IT FAQ page for LDAP configuration settings.

Useful Links

Tips for getting Mac-friendly or otherwise

  • Disable auto unzipping of Safari downloaded zip file: Safari automatically unzips downloaded zip file. You can disable it by Safari-Preferences -> General tab -> Uncheck 'Open safe files after downloading' . Also note that Safari/Mac does not show any window/prompt/status when the download starts.
  • Changing Terminal window title: echo -n -e "\033]0; <your-title> \007"
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