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Civitan International Research Center’s Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory: fMRI DATA ACQUISITION

A state-of-the-art 3 Tesla Siemens Prisma magnet is at our Civitan International Neuroimaging Laboratory at UAB Highlands (see for more details). The Prisma is the most current upgrade to Siemens’ research line of scanners with excellent field stability that is optimized for MPRAGE, EPI and DTI scan acquisition as is required for many protocols including the “Human Connectome Project” protocols which we use regularly. We have a 20 channel and a 64 channel coil system, with many WIP agreements for performing cutting edge research quality scans. The facility includes ‘landing space’ for six trainees to work, two fully equipped testing rooms for working with participants, an equipment room including eye tracking equipment, a Bold++ display screen for showing high quality stimuli to participants, high quality audio equipment. CINL Director Dr. Mark Bolding oversees the facility, with help from Co-Director Dr. Kristina Visscher. They are assisted by Dr. John Totenhagen who spends full time at the magnet working with users and keeping the facility running smoothly.

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