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(from newest to oldest)
(from newest to oldest)
'''March 3, 2016''': "Diffusion Imaging" Anastasia Yendiki, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

'''Feb 3, 2016''': "Eddy for FSL: dealing with noise in diffusion images" Jesper Andersson, PhD, writer of EDDY software for Diffusion in FSL
'''Feb 3, 2016''': "Eddy for FSL: dealing with noise in diffusion images" Jesper Andersson, PhD, writer of EDDY software for Diffusion in FSL

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(from newest to oldest)

March 3, 2016: "Diffusion Imaging" Anastasia Yendiki, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Feb 3, 2016: "Eddy for FSL: dealing with noise in diffusion images" Jesper Andersson, PhD, writer of EDDY software for Diffusion in FSL

December 2, 2016: "Power analysis for neuroimaging studies: Past, present and future" Jeanette Mumford, PhD, Center for Investigating Healthy Minds Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

November 4, 2016: "TBA" Purushotham V. Bangalore, PhD, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Interim Director of Research Computing, UAB.

October 7, 2016: No seminar due to CCTS Retreat

September 9, 2016: "Measuring Human Melanopsin Function" Geoffrey K. Aguirre, MD, PhD, Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania

August 5, 2016: TBA, Kamil Ugurbil, PhD, Director of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research at the University of Minnesota.

July-No Seminar:

June 3, 2016: "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On: The Artifact Runing your fMRI Data", Erik H. Middlebrooks, Department of Radiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

May 6, 2016: "Project Quality Assessment Protocol- a resource for measuring the quality of MRI data", Cameron Craddock, PhD., Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

April 1, 2016: "Microstructural Modeling in Diffusion MRI", Kristi Klark, PhD, University of Southern California, Department of Neurology.

March 4, 2016: "Using XNAT for neuroimaging data management, sharing, and analysis", Daniel S. Marcus, PhD., Director, Neuroimaging Information Analysis Center, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

February 5, 2016: "The future of fMRI in Cognitive Neuroscience", Russel Poldrack, PhD, Stanford University, Department of Psychology.

December 4, 2015: "Age Differences in Brain Functioning During Memory Formation and Retrieval", Ian M. McDonough, University of Alabama, Department of Psychology.

November 6, 2015: "Contributions and Challenges for Network Models in Cognitive Neuroscience", Paper Discussion, presentation by Jarrod Hicks.

October 2, 2015: "Resting State Functional Connectivity: Methods, Debates and Clinical Applications" Susan Whitfield Gabrieli, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

August 7, 2015: "Research Computing, Storage, and Networks: the UAB vision and other imperatives for innovation" Curtis Carver, PhD, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, UAB Information Technology

June 5, 2015: "Which fMRI Analysis Software?" Speakers: David Knight, PhD, Department of Psychology; Rodolphe Nenert, PhD, Department of Neurology; Rishi Deshpande, MS, Department of Radiology.

May 1, 2015: "13C MRS Studies of Brain Metabolism of Alcohol and Acetate" Speaker: Graeme F. Mason, PhD, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine.

April 3, 2015: "Generalized Psychophysical Interactions (gPPI): What are they and What they can tell us" Speaker: Donald McLaren, PhD, Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School.

March 6, 2015: "How do we measure functional connectivity? An interactive discussion of functional connectivity methods" Speaker: Kristina Visscher, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Feb 6, 2015: "High Gradient Diffusion MRI from the Human Connectome Project" Speaker: Koene Van Dijk, PhD, Department of Radiology, Harvard Medical School.

Jan 9, 2014 : "UAB Research Computing Resources for Neuroimaging Research" Speakers: John-Paul Robinson, Mike Hanby, Thomas Anthony

Nov 21, 2014: "White Matter in the Older Brain is More Plastic than in the Younger Brain" Speaker: Yuka Sasaki, PhD, Department of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences, Brown University.

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