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In order to download or activate a MATLAB installation you must have the appropriate rights activated in your account at the Mathworks site. Please contact an appropriate asset manager for your area. If you are an asset manager and you name is not shown below, please add your name to the list.

Please see the MATLAB application page for more information and a general overview of MATLAB and its use at UAB.

  • CAS: Fran Fabrizio,; Ken Nelson:
    • Chemistry and CIS: Larry Owen;
    • Physics: David L. Shealy, Ph.D.,
    • Psychology: Rishi Deshpande; ; Aeron Gault;
  • School of Engineering: Thomas P Foley, and Mike Hanby,
  • IT Customer Services: David C. Yother,
  • IT Research Computing: Mike Hanby,
  • School of Medicine:
    • Department of Neurobiology: Kristina M Visscher,Ph.D., ; Tom Bowman, ,
    • Department of Neurology: He Huang; , David Clark,
  • School of Optometry, Vision Science: Mark Bolding, , Alexander A Zotov,
  • For users in other areas of UAB, contact your IT support person or Mark Bolding,
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