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Attention: Research Computing Documentation has Moved

Please use the new documentation url https://docs.rc.uab.edu/ for all Research Computing documentation needs.

As a result of this move, we have deprecated use of this wiki for documentation. We are providing read-only access to the content to facilitate migration of bookmarks and to serve as an historical record. All content updates should be made at the new documentation site. The original wiki will not receive further updates.

Thank you,

The Research Computing Team

Remote X11 display from compute node

Alternately, you can use VNC which can be faster for slow connections: Setting_Up_VNC_Session

Example program: IGV

Install/Start X on Desktop

ssh conection with X11 support

ssh -X to cheaha

Connect to cheaha head node with X-forwarding:

 ssh -X cheaha.uabgrid.uab.edu
 # check that "echo $DISPLAY" shows you something
 # check that "xterm" works

Windows/ PuTTY ssh

Check that Connection > SSH > X11 has a checkmark next to "Enable X11 forwarding"

Get a compute node

  • allocate compute node with qlogin, with appropriate time/memory
    • WARNING: if you run IGV on the cluster head-node, you will bring on the wrath of the cluster admins!!
 # 4 hours, 6G RAM
 qlogin -N IGV_6g -l h_rt=0:04:00,vf=6G
 # check that "echo $DISPLAY" shows you something
 # check that "xterm" works

Launch app


 # WARNING: run only on compute nodes, NEVER on head-node
 # or
 /share/apps/ngs-ccts/IGV/igv6g  # doesn't seem to give 6G ram...