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Remote display from compute node

Example program: IGV

  1. Install & Launch X-Win on your desktop machine
  • Windows: X-Win32 from UAB IT]
  1. connect to cheaha head node with X-forwarding:
 ssh -X cheaha.uabgrid.uab.edu
 # check that "echo $DISPLAY" shows you something
 # check that "xterm" works
  • allocate compute node with qlogin, with appropriate time/memory
    • WARNING: if you run IGV on the cluster head-node, you will bring on the wrath of the cluster admins!!
 # 4 hours, 6G RAM
 qlogin -l h_rt=0:04:00,vf=6G
 # check that "echo $DISPLAY" shows you something
 # check that "xterm" works
  • launch IGV
 # WARNING: run only on compute nodes, NEVER on head-node
 # or
 /share/apps/ngs-ccts/IGV/igv6g  # doesn't seem to give 6G ram...
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