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Hello UAB Research Computing Community!

We have created a new streamlined and user-friendly set of documentation for our services. Please visit for our new documentation site. Please bear in mind the documentation is still a work in progress and subject to change.

As part of the process we are deprecating, and eventually retiring, the current documentation site here at

Thank you for your continued use and support.

The Research Computing Team

The documentation on this site will continue to be updated and will evolve as answers to questions are defined. Feel free to contribute to the documentation.

The best way help is to engage and ask questions (see the mailing list Information below).

Detailed documentation covering the construction of UABgrid is available via the development portal.

Mailing Lists

  • UABgrid Users - This list is for people using UABgrid. This is the best place to ask questions and to get involved.

Wiki Help

For help on how to edit entries on this site please see Help:Editing. Additional information that is useful:

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