HPC Services Goals for FY2009

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Attention: Research Computing Documentation has Moved

Please use the new documentation url https://docs.rc.uab.edu/ for all Research Computing documentation needs.

As a result of this move, we have deprecated use of this wiki for documentation. We are providing read-only access to the content to facilitate migration of bookmarks and to serve as an historical record. All content updates should be made at the new documentation site. The original wiki will not receive further updates.

Thank you,

The Research Computing Team

  • 1. UABgrid Project
    • a. Assist research groups in connecting and leveraging their content manag systems with the grid -- I'm honestly not sure how valuable this is on its own. GridSphere is just one of many content management systems. I think we need to tie this to a specific effort to build a web-based workflow management application for a group. In that case GridSphere may or may not be the right choice (an existing community could be using it or initerested in adopting it). Our work with SSG has always been seen as possibly leading to the use of GridSphere but I don't know if that would come about in 2009.
    • b. Integrate use of Research Network with GridWay meta-scheduler
    • c. Integrate caGrid and UABgrid identity management infrastructure
    • d. Enable un-assisted virtual organization creation and management
  • 2. Expand UAB Grid Computing Power
    • a. Connect existing shared HPC resource on campus to UABgrid.
    • b. Writing a SURAgrid application summary based on SSG R application needs to facilitate SURAgrid resource usage.
    • c. Investigate OSG/Condor use via their test Virtual Organization (VO)
    • d. Investigate TeraGrid use via their test VO
  • 3. Support Grid Technology and Application Activities of caBIG Campus Wide Project
  • 4. Training – Professional Collaboration with External IT Groups with Alabama, Region, and US. Some of this participate will involve conference calls, group meetings, and/or conference participation.
    • a. ASA-UA System collaboration activities of mutual benefit
    • b. SURA and SURAgrid
    • c. Internet2
    • d. EDUCAUSE
    • e. SuperComputing
    • f. caBIG