HPCS Biweekly Meeting with Bob 4 June 2009

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Agenda for HPC Services Bi-Weekly Meeting June 4, 2009 Email from Bob to Mike Perez on 5/27/09: We ( Dave, John-Paul, and I) have an HPCS Meeting the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month from 8:30am -10:00am at Rust 134a. We could really benefit from your regular attendance and advice on the following initiatives: 1) Definition of the Access & Usage Policy, and general mission of the Cheaha Cluster, and the Research SAN. 2) Capturing usage ( allocation) data on Cheaha, and reporting same. 3) Alignment of Cheaha with UAB Grid Usage Policies , and associated Access Control. 4) Possible Establishment of a Research Computing –Cheaha- Project Manager Office. 5) Research Computing/HPCS Annual Report for marketing services at our next annual Research Computing/CI Day. 6) Establishment of a Research Computing Web Portal

Hope to see you next Thursday. Please call I you would like to discuss.

  DLS draft input Priority Items:

• Plan to update or do strategic planning for Research Computing at UAB • Developing HPCS goals and priorities for Q3 (research network, caBIG and UABgrid move to production version), federate bronze with caBIG, pilot caBIG, Some work on MATLAB,...) • Develop UAB HPC Newsletter • Hired Sandanu in HPCS with June 1 start date • Meeting with IT web site support people at 11am today. • NSF MRI-R^2 developmental proposal being prepared by CIS and NSF STCI proposal being discussed between TS and DLS. Campus pre-proposals due June 8

Ongoing Items:

1. MATLAB Workshop on May 14 in CH301 hosted by MathWorks was very well attended. There ongoing discussions with Tom McHugh (Account Manager), Puri, and DLS about ways to move forward with acquisition of Distributed Service license for Cheaha and campus-wide academic license. Working with David Yother.

2. caBIG updates • Neuro-pilot project will be implemented as first applcaition to use caTissue and put HSIS data on line. • Velos conference call on May 30 reveals that their caBIG connector is at similar level of development at LAB-Key

3. IB and research storage install update...

4. Outreach: • SURAgrid white paper related to the recent CASC and Internet2 presentations. • The SGC-OSG NSF proposal to the NSF STCI to secure funding for an SG-OSG requirements workshop based on the SG-OSG statement of shared interest we recently finalized. 5. Other

> I personally think that it would be helpful to get Mike Perez to write > a weekly or bi-weekly summary report similar to format of ASC weekly > reports. some topics could include > a. summary of usage of clusters (cheahea and BG/L initially and seek > to include others), what are top applications running on clusters, > b. caBIG and (c) UABgrid updates -- must less technical than the monthly or 2xmonthly reports written by JPR where we should keep more technical description coming, but shorter note would be good place to site other documents. > d. User highlights -- describe how a users is using resources to promote their research or teaching.. > > e. What's New in Research Computing at UAB: > **** new hardware or software available for general users > **** profile once a month on people >   JPR Draft Input Hi Bob and David,

Here is a list of agenda items for our meeting this morning, they are in no particular order and I can't promise I didn't leave something out.

  • Research Storage System
  • MatLab
  • HPC Requests: Neurobiology
  • HPCS Reports: Weekly and Annual
  • Campus Collaborations: Brain SPORE (CCC) and Data Sharing (CCTS)
  • Grants: CRI, MRI-2
  • Cheaha/HPC Policy development
  • SURAgrid: portal hosting, OSG effort, white paper,
  • Production Services: (caBIG)
  • Personnel: Shantanu on staff, JPR Vacation Jul 1-21

Clearly there is more here than we can discuss, so we can be choosy. ;)


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