HPCS Biweekly Meeting with Bob 21 May 2009

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Agenda for HPC Services Bi-Weekly Meeting: May 21, 2009

  • Attendance: Bob Cloud, John-Paul Robinson, David Shealy
  • New Items:
    • Plan to do strategic planning for Research Computing at UAB
    • Developing HPCS goals and priorities for Q3 (research network, caBIG and UABgrid move to production version), federate bronze with caBIG, pilot caBIG, Some work on MATLAB,...)
  • Ongoing Items:

1. MATLAB Workshop on May 14 in CH301. Hosted by MathWorks: Tom McHugh (Account Manager): 60 UAB attended and another 40 UAB people registered online as being interested in learning more about MATLAB but did not come to workshop. Survey after workshop showed that 24 out of 25 respondents expressed need (desire) to use distributed version of MATLAB running on HPC cluster. We are collecting IPEDS and net cost needed to buy campus wide academic MATLAB license. Currently, there are 260 licensed users of MATLAB on campus. Working with David Yother.

2. HEI ->NSF MRI-R2 proposal: UAB can submit 1 development and 2 system purchase

3. caBIG updates: Poornima and JPR had a production walk-through with Bobby Brake today to go over the steps he needs to perform on the caGrid VM we are moving into production. During this walk through we identified a couple of items to add to the documentation. Tomorrow we will hand the VM over to Bobby for him to place in production.

4. Review of applications and interview of applicant(s) for programmer/analyst II position

5. IB and research storage install update: JPR is documenting the anticipated configuration for the research storage system to guide the implementation and begin developing a road map for the growth of Cheaha.

6. Outreach:

    • JPR has been working on a SURAgrid white paper related to the recent CASC and Internet2 presentations.
    • The SGC has dialoged on the upcoming NSF funding opportunities and is awaiting feedback from members to determine how SURAgrid might leverage these opportunities.
    • The SG-OSG collaboration is moving forward. SURA is submitting an unsolicited proposal with OSG to the NSF STCI to secure funding for an SG-OSG requirements workshop based on the SG-OSG statement of shared interest we recently finalized.

7. Other

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