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UABgrid git repositories are hosted on

Access to git repos will be decided by the project you are currently part of (usually the project and repo namespace will be the same).

Access Protocol

Currently ssh is the protocol available for accessing git repos on git.aubgrid. As a result, a user would need an account on the host git.uabgrid. This, eventually would be replaced by Gitolite, which would preclude the need for creating actual unix accounts on git.uabgrid. Currently, when we create git user accounts, users will be given git-shell access which will permit them to run the following git commands:

  1. clone
  2. pull (fetch)
  3. archive

Push access is by default given to the maintainer of the project's source code. The maintainer is the authority to grant push privileges to members in a team.

Two steps to access a git repo

  1. Get a git account. Please send a request email to with subject git account on git.uabgrid and also specify the project that you are a member of.
  2. ssh public key. Email ssh public key from the machine(s) from where you will be doing your git work.

Upon an email confirmation that your account was created and your ssh pub keys added to the list of authorized_keys, you are ready to begin hacking on the code.

git clone <blazer-id><reponame>.git


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