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Attention: Research Computing Documentation has Moved

Please use the new documentation url for all Research Computing documentation needs.

As a result of this move, we have deprecated use of this wiki for documentation. We are providing read-only access to the content to facilitate migration of bookmarks and to serve as an historical record. All content updates should be made at the new documentation site. The original wiki will not receive further updates.

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FreeSurfer is a freely available software package developed by investigators at the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging used for a number of procedures including:

  1. Creation of computerized models of the brain from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data.
  2. Processing of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data.
  3. Measuring a number of morphometric properties of the brain including cortical thickness and regional volumes.
  4. Intersubject averaging of structural and functional data using a procedure that aligns individuals based on their cortical folding patterns for optimal alignment of homologous neural regions.

The latest version of Freesurfer available is 5.1.0. The last update to this software was 24 May 2011.

FreeSurfer on Cheaha

FreeSurfer-4.5 version is installed on Cheaha. module command can be used to find out the current installed version. For Freesurfer, use

module whatis freesurfer

FreeSurfer run its process in a non-parallel environment, so there won't be much benefit from a dual/quad/hex core machine for a single case analysis. However a number of FreeSurfer recon-all processes can be started in the same machine, thereby, theoretically reducing the time to analyze a group of cases. Following is a tutorial to setup your Freesurfer environment and to run an example recon-all process on Cheaha.

SSH-key Config

Windows: Configure putty to connect to Cheaha with ssh-keys.

Follow this link for ssh key config on linux.

Follow this link for ssh key config on mac.

Environment Setup

Setting up an environment to run FreeSurfer on Cheaha, consists of defining FreeSurfer related variables and their installation paths. Steps 1 and 2 are a one-time set up, ie., the first time you login to Cheaha. Need not set up and source env variables defined in .bashrc from the next time you login to Cheaha (as at login bashrc is auto-sourced).

1. To set up your environment on Cheaha, open $HOME/.bashrc with your favorite text editor such as vim, nano, emacs etc., and copy-paste the contents below:

export FREESURFER_HOME=/share/apps/freesurfer/4.5
export FSL_DIR=$HOME/fsl

NOTE: In the above bashrc, FSL_DIR is also defined. FSL is not part of FreeSurfer, but is installed and available to all users on Cheaha. To start using FSL/bedpostx see this documentation.

2. Source the above environment variables.

source $HOME/.bashrc

Example recon_all

1. Prepare by creating a subjects directory to hold image files in .nii format

mkdir $HOME/subjects

cd $HOME/subjects

2. Get example image by copying the line below


gunzip example.nii.gz

Create job submission script

This is a simple SGE script to submit recon-all process. This script first copies your subjects directory from your $HOME containing the MRI data to Cheaha's high performance file system, $USER_SCRATCH, so as to ramp the speed of recon-all process. The recon-all process is then executed on $USER_SCRATCH.

NOTE: For the example run, we've created a subjects directory at $HOME to hold the example.nii image. For your actual run with real images, if you've copied your images to another location, then make sure to change $HOME/subjects (line no 7) accordingly in the script below.

Open a text editor and copy-paste the below contents:


mkdir $jobs
cp -r $HOME/subjects $scratch/

function run-recon-all() {
cd $scratch
#create submit script for each patient in the subjects directory
for patient in `ls -1 $sub`
cat > $jobs/recon-all-$ <<EOF 
#$ -S /bin/bash
#$ -cwd
#$ -N recon-all-$patient
# Set the hard and soft run time limits (ex: 1hour/58 min)
#$ -l h_rt=30:00:00,s_rt=29:55:00
#$ -j y
#$ -m eas
# set up FreeSurfer environment variables

mri_convert -oi -os $SUBJECTS_DIR/$patient $SUBJECTS_DIR/$patient.mgz 

sleep 15

recon-all -sd $SUBJECTS_DIR -s $patient

#submit job script for each patient in the jobs directory to the cluster
pushd $jobs
for script in `ls -1`
echo "submitting job $script"
qsub $script

Make script executable

Make the above script executable

chmod +x <name-of-script-above>

Submit job script

Then submit that script with


Track status of job

Check on the job status with qstat.

qstat -u $USER

Clean-up scratch

After the completion of the recon-all process, copy the results and logs back to your $HOME and delete the contents from scratch

cp -r $USER_SCRATCH/subjects $HOME/subjects-results

cp -r $USER_SCRATCH/jobs $HOME/jobs-results

rm -rf $USER_SCRATCH/subjects

rm -rf $USER_SCRATCH/jobs

Transfer files from Cheaha to local computer

Transfer the subjects/jobs directory from your home account on Cheaha to your local computer with psftp. Here's how to transfer files using psftp.


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