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Do you have your head in the Cloud? Do you dream of making High Performance Computing easier to use? Do you like working with people who want more from their computing environments?

If you answered yes and have a strong Linux background we'd like to see your resume. Things that would make you stand out include experience working with cloud computing, high performance computing, shell scripting, Python, MATLAB, or other scientific toolchains.

We're looking for a developer to help build and support a friendly computing environment for neuroscientists who need easier access to tools for analyzing and storing their data.    This job involves working closely with researchers  and systems experts to identify requirements and leverage some of the hottest tech to make our world a little bit better.

You would be working with a new “Visual Brain Core” at UAB. Our mission is to help produce high quality, cutting edge research examining the visual brain. To achieve this, we will help investigators overcome some common barriers to performing high quality vision research, and provide forums to discuss new ideas and research techniques.

Contact for more information. For information about some of the groups you’ll be working with, see these links: Research computing: Visual Brain Core (website under construction):

A few of the many labs you’d work with:

Please send this information to anyone you think might be interested in this opportunity.

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