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NOTE: This page is still under development. Please refer to Cheaha_GettingStarted page for detailed documentation.



Cheaha's shared software stack includes many scientific computing softwares. Below is list of popular softwares available on Cheaha:

These softwares can be included in a job environment using environment modules. Environment modules make environment variables modification easy and repeatable. A complete list of shared software applications can be displayed using following modules command.

$ module avail

Most of our shared software applications are installed in '/share/apps' directory, but users can install software in their home directories or request a project specific software install install directory in '/share/apps' space. Please refer to guidelines below to install software in your home directory.

If you would like Research Computing to install a specific software in '/share/apps', then please send us an email to our team with installation details.


Including software in a job environment

Installing software in your home directory

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