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Cheaha is a shared cluster computing environment for UAB researchers. A shared cluster environment uses a job scheduler to run tasks on the cluster to provide optimal resource sharing among users. Cheaha uses a job scheduling system call SGE to schedule and manage jobs. A user needs to tell SGE about resource requirements (e.g. CPU, memory) so that it can schedule jobs effectively. These resource requirements along with actual application code can be specified in a single file commonly referred as 'Job Script/File'.

Following is a simple job script to uncompress a tar.gz compressed file.

# Define the shell used by your compute job
#$ -S /bin/bash
# Tell the cluster to run in the current directory from where you submit the job
#$ -cwd
# Tell the scheduler only need 10 minutes
#$ -l h_rt=00:10:00,s_rt=0:09:50,vf=512M
# Set your email address and request notification when you job is complete or if it fails
#$ -m eas
# Tell the scheduler to use the environment from your current shell
#$ -V

tar xzf sample.tar.gz

SGE scheduler provides commands to manage jobs and view cluster status. There are many commands available, but following three commands are the most common:

* qsub - to submit job
* qdel - to delete job
* qstat - to view job status
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