2012 Research Computing Day Agenda

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The Research Computing Team

AGENDA for UAB 2012 Research Computing Day

September 13, 2012

UAB Hill University Center, Alumni Auditorium

  • 8:15-9:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast

  • 9:00-9:05 Welcome & Overview: David Shealy, Ph.D, IT Research Computing
  • 9:05-9:40 Keynote Address: Building Capacity in Data Sciences, Richard Marchase, Ph.D., Interim President
  • 9:40-10:10 UAB IT 2012 Annual Report, Doug Rigney, Ph.D., Interim VP Information Technology

  • 10:10-10:50 Update on UAB Research Computing, John-Paul Robinson, Bob Cloud, David Shealy, Ph.D.
  • 10:50-11:10 Break
  • 11:10-11:45 Using UAB HPC Computing Resources for Next-Generation Sequence Analysis, Elliot Lefkowitz, Ph.D., Curtis Hendrickson, Department of Microbiology

  • 11:45-12:30 Lunch

  • 12:30-2:00 Bioinformatics Session
    • 12:30-12:50 Research Computing Across the Tree of Life, Robert Thacker, Ph.D., Department of Biology
    • 12:50-1:10 A Clinical Data Warehouse? James Willig, MD, Department of Medicine, Infectious Diseases
    • 1:10-1:30 Computational Challenges in Storage, Analysis and Interpretation of Next-Generation Sequencing Data, Shouguo Gao, Ph.D., Department of Physics
    • 1:30-1:50 Microbiome Analysis, Ranjit Kumar, Ph.D., Center for Clinical & Translational Science
    • 1:50-2:10 Detecting Sequence Variation in Genomic Samples, Curtis Hendrickson, Ph.D., John Osborne, Department of Microbiology
  • 2:10-2:30 Break

  • 2:30-4:10 Science & Engineering Applications Session
    • 2:30-2:50 Computational Model to the Simulation of Cardiac Electrical Wave Propagation, LuFang Zhou, Ph.D., Division, Cardiovascular Disease; Department of Medicine; Department, Biomedical Engineering
    • 2:50-3:10 Diffusion of Odorants into the Binding Region of the Olfactory Receptor - a Novel Perspective, Peter Lai, Chiquito Crasto, Ph.D., Department of Genetics
    • 3:10-3:30 Numerical Investigation of Phase Transition in a Cellular Network and Disease Onset, Johanna Stamper, Ph.D., Xujing Wang, Ph.D., Serkan Guldal, Department of Physics, Elais Jackson, Computer & Information Sciences
    • 3:30-3:50 Neuroimaging Workflow, Frank Skidmore, MD, Department of Neurology
    • 3:50-4:10 Exploration of the Microbiota in Inflammatory Diseases, Matthew Stoll, MD, Department of Pediatric Rheumatology
  • 4:10 Closing Remarks & Discussion