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Unix shortcuts

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Unix scripting will save you time in the long run. Really!

To do the same command, like zcore, for example, on a bunch of files, doing this in the command line, use a command like this: for i in `ls -1 *.nii`; do echo $i; -i $i; done More complicated versions in a script: ext=’gz’ log=/dev/null; for i in `ls -1 *.$ext 2>$log`; do NAME=`basename $i .$ext`; echo “File: $NAME” ;echo “Moving $NAME.$ext to $NAME.$newext”; done

if you want to do more complicated things, changing names, for example, resort to perl. also, FYI, you can run a perl command in a single line on the command line. This is good for regular expression matching: name=`echo $FILENAME | perl -p -e ’s/(.+)\.gz/$1/i’`

Unix Quick Reference Guide