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Samsung i760

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Samsung i760

I recently started using a Samsung SCH-i760 smart phone. My goal is to be able to use this device for reasonably complete connectivity regardless of location. This is my first cell phone, first smart phone and first pda, so some of my experiences will likely be obvious to the seasoned users. I'm a heavy laptop users, though, so my expectations are high for the functionality of this device.



This is a Windows box and I'm quickly realizing that these boxes are still somewhat limited in their default configuration. The types of apps I'd like (ssh, good browser) need to be loaded after the fact and without them, the deta services are functional but nothing to write home about.

The broadband service starts up automatically when needed. Data services migrate pretty smoothly to the broadband but not back to the wifi. They don't prefer the wifi. I have to cut the broadband off explicitly.


I find it helpful to explicitly turn off the wireless services (wifi, broadband, cell) when not needed and allowing the device to sleep. It comes back on a the press of the button and then i can turn on the wireless service. This keeps the battery drain down but the access time quick (don't have to wait for a boot up).


  • Gmaps -- I can't currently get this applet to work. It hangs loading the map database. It worked once but then when I wanted to change my location it stopped and since then hasn't been able to load the maps.
  • Gmail -- I've gotten gmail configured via IMAP in the provided messaging client, but couldn't get my main mailbox on meter (my main box) to load. The client gets hung on "loading folders". I have a lot of folders. I also have a lot of messages in the INBOX. Both of these issues are likely to cause headaches for the client. I'm looking to move to the gmail mobile client and use their inbox for the most recent month of mail.
  • Java -- it seems most apps of interest run as Java apps (gmail, opera, etc). Java isn't that well supported on WM6.


  • The "@" symbol requires pressing a Function key and then the appropriate key on the keyboard. This is a little annoying for sending email, but not much different than pressing shift-2. The down side is both the Fn key and the @ (associated with the 's") are on the same side of the keyboard. This makes forces me to use the same thumb for input, rather than alternating.
  • The "/" (slash) is also a function key based of the "x" key. It's also on the same side as the Fn key and suffers from the single thumb issue. This is a little annoying for entering explicit URls.
  • There is no "=" (equal) key on the keyboard. I need to bring up the onscreen keyboard. Might be possible to work out a keyboard remap.