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working groups

NIDAG NIDAG is an international working group dedicated to enhancing access to neuroimaging data in order to advance progress in neuroscience.



papers and presentations

  • Derrfuss, J. & Mar, R. A. (2009). Lost in localization: The need for a universal coordinate database. NeuroImage, 48, 1–7.

(PDF includes 4 commentaries by Hamilton, Nielsen, Van Essen, Laird, Lancaster, and Fox.) [1]

  • Using the Institutional Repository to publish research data, C Gutteridge [2]
  • Technical and organizational considerations for the long-term maintenance and development of the digital brain atlases and web-based databases, Kei Ito [3]
  • Institutional Repositories and Research Data Curation in a Distributed Environment, Michael Witt [4]
  • Constructing Data Curation Profiles, Michael Witt, Jacob R. Carlson, Melissa Cragin, and D. Scott Brandt [5]
  • Introduction to Institutional Data Repositories Workshop, Michael Witt and Melissa Cragin [6]
  • Strategies for institutional repository development: A case study of three evolving initiatives, Carole L. Palmer, Lauren C. Teffeau, and Mark P. Newton [7]
  • An Internet Discussion about Scientific and Scholarly Journals and Their Future Edited by Ann Shumelda Okerson, Association of Research Libraries and James J. O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania [8]

lists of repositories

Why aren't there any sites on both lists?

example neuroimaging databases

software to build your own neuroimaging database and manage study workflow
SumsDB is a repository of brain-mapping data (surfaces & volumes; structural & functional data) from many laboratories.
1000 Functional Connectomes Project 
Goal: To usher in a new era of discovery science for human brain function through active data-sharing by the neuroimaging community.
nitrc multimodal 
This is intended to be a resource for statisticians and imaging scientists to be able to quantify the reproducibility of their imaging methods using data available from a generic "1 hour" session at 3T.
OpenfMRI is a project dedicated to the free and open sharing of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) datasets, including raw data.
A public repository of peer reviewed fMRI studies and their underlying data
The Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS) is a project aimed at making MRI data sets of the brain freely available to the scientific community.

example data license

BIRN data license