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How do I add an image to my wiki page?

Any image that has been uploaded to the wiki can be added to a wiki page and displayed along with the text. There are two approaches:

  • If you are using raw wiki markup then you can include your image by adding a page reference like [[Image:NameOfImageFile.png]], where NameOfImageFile.png is the file name of the image you uploaded to the wiki.
  • If you are using the enhanced page editor (FCKeditor) then you can click on the "Image" button (looks like a framed picture). The editor will pop up a dialog to select an image to include in the page. It will populate an autocomplete list of images to select from as you start typing the name of your image file.

How do I upload an image to my wiki?

To upload an image file to your wiki, you need to log in. Once logged in, you will see an an "Upload file" link appear in the "Toolbox" menu on the left hand side menus. Clicking on Upload File will take you to a page where you can click the "Upload File" button and select a file from your computer to upload to the wiki. Once uploaded, a copy of the file will be stored on the wiki and that file can be included on any page or shared from its storage location in the wiki.

Where are my uploaded files stored on the wiki?

You can see all the files that have been uploaded to the wiki via the ListFiles special page. All uploaded images are stored in the file storage space of the wiki. They can be referenced using two Namespaces:

  • Prefixing the file name with Image: will display a small image of the file on a web page that also include the metadata recorded for the file when it was uploaded. For example, the file size and any comments describing the file that were provided during the upload.
  • Prefixing the file name with Media: will reference the file directly. This option can be used to share a direct link to the image.

What is a "Special" page?

MediaWiki uses the term "Special" page for pages that are automatically generated based on content stored in the wiki. Special pages exist for information that changes over time, like the ListFiles special page that display's all the files uploaded to the wiki. There are many other Special pages and they can be access via the "Special pages" link in the "ToolBox" menu. Some Special pages require you to be logged in to access and others require specific user rights that you may not have.