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Cluster overview. This page is a stub for filling out details on specific clusters. Please copy this page and add information for your cluster to a cluster-specific page.

The first section should be a high-level overview describing the cluster using traditional measures like CPU /core count, chip speed, disk space and other note-worthy features. Details on these items will be expanded below, after the auto generated page outline.

Cluster Hardware

Cluster Interfaces

Queue System

Job Launching

  • SSH
  • Globus

Data Transfer

  • SSH
  • Globus

Cluster Policies

The goal for this section is to provide some uniformity to the variety of resources on the grid. Some clusters will have information for each section, others will not. More is not necessarily better. The goal is to make it possible for people to make reasonable plans for managing their computational work load cross systems.

It's assumed that links to a sites cluster resource page if one is available.


Reservation Requirements


Description of steps required to gain authorized access to cluster.

Storage Allocations

Cluster Documentation

Links and information on documentation for cluster. Most important is compilers and how to compile serial and parallel jobs.

Cluster Reference

How to acknowledge the cluster in literature.