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Adding a web application to UABgrid that can leverage the UABgrid identity management, ie. user and VO management, is surprisingly easy. The main criteria is that you have.

If you haven't checked it out, is a MediaWiki instance already set up this way, though it allows anyone whose registered with UABgrid to access and modify it. Just click on "Login via UABgrid"

There is already a wiki set up for the VO as part of the default VO tools that are allocated during VO setup, you can reach these tools from the VO management page (see the links at the lower left for the VO wiki, cms, and file space).

You must be a member of the VO to access (even for read access) any of these tools. The default wiki's address is Note make sure to always use https: for these resources. There is a bug that is not re-writing http to https properly.

The default wiki that is currently part of myVocs box is phpWiki. This is one of the early wiki tools. It's probably not what you want. The next release of myVocs box will replace this tool with MediaWiki.

In order to set up the wiki for a specific VO we could do it a few ways. I recommend MediaWiki because of it's wide exposure and familiarity and because it has shib integration module. The next question is where to host it. We could host it on the UABgrid infrastructure easily (at what ever domain name you like, btw). You could host it on a resource in your department just as easily, though you'll need to do the host admining. If you choose that route, I recommend Debian4. The SWITCH federation has created a nice set of debian packages that make shib setup a snap. (There are a couple other distro's that have the shib-sp pre-built but I'm not as familiar with those packages.)

In either case, the wiki will be able to control access based on membership in the VO using the attributes it receives from the UABgrid IdM infrastructure.