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UABgrid Login and Registration

What use is the password sent during registration?

The "password" that was sent to you by the UABgrid registration process was simply to verify that the email address you entered is working and is delivered to an account under your control, ie. you can read the email sent to that address.

Do I ever use the registration password again?

No. The registration password will never be needed by you again. It is simply to show that the email address you specified during registration was able to recieved the verification email and that you were able to read that message. Pasting the registration password in the confirmation text box completes the registration process and the need for that password.

What happens after 8 hours expires? Do I just request new password?

The only password you'll ever use to access UABgrid is the one associated with your login ID. For example, members of the UAB community can use their BlazerId and password.

When you request a protected resource on UABgrid, you will be asked for your login ID. Depending on the features offered by your login ID provider, you may not need to enter your username and password for an extended period of time. For example, with the UAB Pilot Federated Identity Service you won't need to enter your BlazerID and password for up to 8 hours when working in the same browser session.

What if I'm not a member of UAB?

You should select the login ID if you are not a member of the UAB community, ie. you don't have a BlazerID and password and don't know what that is. will let you create an identity as long as you have a working email address. Please visit | The Open Identity Provder to get started.

Help, I chose the wrong login ID and now I automatically end up at the UAB login page. How do I fix it?

When you select a login ID, you choice is, by default, remembered for the duration of your browser session. When you close your browser, your chose will be forgotten. You can also adjust your settings with the Login application. If you have a default login ID selected, you will be able to unset it. If you don't, you'll be able to select one and configure it's duration. These settings are also avaible during the login process. They can be exposed by clicking on the "Settings" link.

UABgrid Documentation

May I contribute to UABgrid Documentation?

Yes. The UABgrid Documentation is maintained as a wiki and community contributions are welcome and encouraged. The documentation site leverages the same software used to build Wikipedia. You are encouraged to lend your expertise on topics that interest you. You must be a registered UABgrid user to login in and contribute. If you see material that you feel is missing, you are encouraged to document it.

Who "owns" UABgrid Documentation?

Because UABgrid Documentation represents the work of many contributors it is was considered best to limit restrictions as much as possible and protect the freedoms of its users, thus allowing contributors to receive credit for their work and not restricting others from using and expanding upon the work.

What license covers UABgrid Documentation?

UABgrid documentation is published under the [Free Documentation License] Please familiarize yourself with this license and respect copyrights by not submitting copyrighted work without permission.