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Welcome to the UABgrid Documentation Site

This site is intended to serve as the home for all UABgrid documentation. The documentation is implemented as a wiki to make it easier to construct and accept contributions. If you see a topic that interests you please feel to get involved. If you don't see a topic that you feel should be covered, please jump in and create the page.

In order to edit the documentation, you'll need to click on the "Login with UABgrid" link in the upper right. If you haven't already done so, please register with UABgrid first so we know you are. You'll be asked to authenticate and then prompted to enter and confirm a working email address. After that you can come back here and click the UABgrid login link above.

If you experience any problems with UABgrid or see problems with the way this wiki is operating, please file a bug report. UABgrid is still considered beta and there are many improvements ahead, your problem reports are appreciated.


Note: we're in the early stages of building the documentation, so don't worry too much about where a topic should go. Just add a Wiki link to the list below, save the page, open the link you just created and start typing. We can better organize our topics as the content evolves.

Wiki Help

For information about MediaWiki, the software that supports the UABgrid documention, please see the following helpful references.