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UAB Research Computing Day

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UAB Research Computing Day is dedicated to dialogs on science, engineering, and the ever-present drive to push technology for the advancement of research. These dialogs connect with our daily operations, touch the frontiers of the Internet, and intersect with the themes of national funding agencies.

Join us this year on September 15, 2011 for talks, discussions, and posters at the Hill University Center for the 2011 UAB Research Computing Day.


Since 2007, The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology has sponsored an annual dialog on the role of technology in research. These events joined UAB with national dialogs on the role of Cyberinfrastructure in research held at campuses across the country.

The 2011 UAB Research Computing Day builds on the themes from the events of previous years and dons a new name intended to capture the broader interests of research that forever pushes technology in new directions to advance science.

Previous UAB Research Computing Days