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Request Storage

How to Access

  • From iMAC desktop running OS X, 10.9.5, use the following steps to mount Cheaha home directory for a BlazerID which has an establish account on Cheaha:
    • Click on "Go" from menu bar at top of screen;
    • New window "Connect to Server" opens;
    • There are two screens within "Connect to Server" window, which are: "Server Address:” and “Favorite Servers:”
    • For example, some possible server addresses within Favorite Servers:
      • smb://, where ShareNAME is the name of a share on UABFILE;
      • smb://138.26.XYZ.ABC, where XYZ.ABC is the complete IP address of a server within the UAB domain 138.68...
      • smb://
    • one can enter a new command in the "connect to Server" window.