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MVAPICH (MPI-1 over OpenFabrics/Gen2, OprnFabrics/Gen2-UD, uDAPL, InfiniPath, VAPI and TCP/IP)

This is an MPI-1 implementation. This implementation is based on MPICH and MVICH. MVAPICH is pronounced as ``em-vah-pich. The latest release is MVAPICH 1.2 (includes MPICH 1.2.7). It is available under BSD licensing.

MVAPICH 1.2 supports the following seven underlying transport interfaces:

  • High-Performance support with scalability for OpenFabrics/Gen2 interface, developed by OpenFabrics, to work with InfiniBand and other RDMA interconnects.
  • High-Performance support with scalability for OpenFabrics/Gen2-RDMAoE interface, developed by OpenFabrics
  • High-Performance support with scalability (for clusters with multi-thousand cores) for OpenFabrics/Gen2-Hybrid interface, developed by OpenFabrics, to work with InfiniBand.
  • Shared-Memory only channel This interface support is useful for running MPI jobs on multi-processor systems without using any high-performance network. For example, multi-core servers, desktops, and laptops; and clusters with serial nodes.
  • The InfiniPath interface for InfiniPath adapters from QLogic.
  • The standard TCP/IP interface (provided by MPICH) to work with a range of networks. This interface can be used with IPoIB support of InfiniBand also. However, it will not deliver good performance/scalability as compared to any of the lower-level (OpenFabrics/Gen2 or OpenFabrics/Gen2-Hybrid) support.

MVAPICH 1.2 supports many features for high performance, scalability portability and fault tolerance. It also supports a wide range of platforms (architecture, OS, compilers and InfiniBand adapters).

Project website:

[edit] Load SGE module

The following Modules files should be loaded for this package:

 module load mvapich2-gnu