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IT-Team Update 1 March 2010

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Research Computing Update, March 1, 2010

1. CaTissue Update:

  • JPR and Poornima are meeting with Rebecca Lee (lab technician of Dr. Gillespie) regularly to have caTissue demonstration scheduled for March 18 with ICG.
  • JPR and John S believe or have a goal to have large fraction of desired capabilities of caTissue by Dr. Gillespie will be operation such that Dr. Gillespie will be able to report that caTissue will meet his electronic tissue banking needs.
  • JPR is comfortable with timeline and believe a good presentation will be made on March 18, but there will remain some software work to be done.

2. MATLAB Workshop, UAB March 25, 8:30-noon, LRC 102, MATLAB handling registration, refreshments and program with their Sales and Engineering staff. Puri and DLS are planning program with MathLab "Tom McHugh" <>.

  • short introduction on Matlab (30-45 minutes)
  • most of the time dedicated to the parallel computing toolkit and using the Distributed Computing Server (DCS). We would like to focus this presentation primarily on the parallel toolkit and DCS.
  • Asked Tom Jannett (professor and director of ECE graduate Program) or one of his graduate students to report on using Cheaha for parallel computing using Matlab and DCS
  • Setting up a MathLab User Group on Research Computing Sharepoint site.

3. Shared Research Computing SANS update

  • Near final configuration for Dell servers connecting the 20TB Shared Research SANS (Hitachi) to Cheaha via 10 GE Research Network and to public network have been configured while working with Ed, Keith, JPR, Mike H.
  • Plan to have operation during 2Q2010

4. DASI Update: JPR and Team are preparing for two items this week:

  • Linking the UI to the data service query interface and a drop-in test of the authentication service. The UI to data service query is being worked on by the CCTS team and the authn dropin is being worked on by the UAB IT team. Both teams are coordinating with the caGrid developers at Ohio State Univ. as needed. Other work on moving the code from version control through the build environment continues.