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module load impute/impute
module load impute/impute

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IMPUTEis a program for estimating ("imputing") unobserved genotypes in SNP association studies. The program is designed to work seamlessly with the output of the genotype calling program CHIAMO and the population genetic simulator HAPGEN, and it produces output that can be analyzed using the program SNPTEST. There are currently three different versions of the IMPUTE software available for download: version 0.5 implements the methodology described in Marchini et al. (2007); version 1 is essentially the same as version 0.5, with a couple of added features; and IMPUTE v2implements a major extension that was introduced in Howie et al. (2009). Howie et al. (2009).

Project website:

Load SGE module

The following Modules files should be loaded for this package:

module load impute/impute-2.1.2

Or to use the latest

module load impute/impute