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HPC Services Goals for FY2008

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  • GOAL 1: UAB Grid Computing Project
    • ASA-UABgrid Pilot Project has a goal of UAB and ASA users being able to submit jobs via UABgrid to HPC resources located at either ASC or UAB
      • Both JPR and ASA staff understand each overall job submission processes
      • Install Globus software on ASA test system and joint UABgrid before
      • SC07 Install Globus software on new ASA HPC cluster and join UABgrid during Dec 31, 2007
      • Develop shared HPC resource policies.
    • Collaborative Tools Core UABgrid Software:
      • Move UABgrid GridShib CA into operational status
      • Increase the number of collaborative tools available to UABgrid users.
      • Implement GridSphere on UABgrid – target dd MM YY
    • Applications:
      • R-group: establish workflow for SSG at UAB to use UABgrid for submission of the R-jobs to HPC clusters at UAB, ASA, and other HPC centers.
    • Explore expanding the campus model for HPC to other campuses of UA System
    • Use 10GE Research for meta-scheduling support services
  • GOAL 2: InCommon / Shibboleth Project
    • Work with Infrastructure and Network Services to coordinate new and expanding campus applications using Shibboleth;
    • Finalize parameters releases as part of UABgrid application offered to members of InCommon.
  • GOAL 3: Participation in External IT Groups within Alabama, Region and US, such as, UA System Collaborative Technology activities, Alabama Regional Optical Network, Internet2, SURA grid, EDUCAUSE, Global Grid Forum, and Super-Computing
    • List all meetings attended after Oct 1, 07
      • SC07(JPR), Internet2 Fall 07(JPR), SURA Grid Applications (LSU, Jan 30, 08, JPR, DLS); GCG (Feb xx, Boston, JPR, DLS); SURAgrid All Hands (March08-JPR), Internet2 Spring 08
    • SURAgrid Goverance
      • JPR has been elected to serve a one-year term on the inaugural SURAgrid GC
      • SURAgrid working group
      • JPR serving on accounting systems working group
  • GOAL 4: Support IT Strategic Plan for Research
    • How to meeting gaps in applications, such as, bioinfomatics
    • Involve campus HPC and Bioinformatics Resources and Support leaders in IT Strategic Plan Research
      • Schedule one-on-one meetings during Dec 07 - Jan 08 with as many of the following to review overall 5-year plans, goals, accomplishment for FY07, and to solicit their input on ways to meet gaps in IT Strategic Plan for Research in areas such as support for bioinfomatics:
        • Enabling Technology Laboratory (Dr. Bharat Soni, Director)
        • Bioinformatics Resource Centers for Biodefense (Dr. Elliot Lefkowitz, Director)
        • Section on Statistical Genetics Microarray Data Analysis Clearinghouse (Dr. David Allison, Director)
        • Chair of Department of Computer & Information Sciences (Dr. Anthony Skejllum)
        • Comprehensive Cancer Center Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Facility (Dr. Seng-jaw Soong, Director)
        • General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) Informatics Core (Dr. Aubrey E. Hill, Director)
        • Heflin Genetics Center (Dr. Jan Dumanski, Director).
  • GOAL 5: Staffing Request:
    • 2 graduate and 1 undergraduate IT Interns
    • Fill open position of Progammer/Analyst II during Q1FY008