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HPC Services Activities FY2009

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Activities of IT HPC Services, Fall 2008

  • Help research groups and their support organizations integrate information technologies into their operations to improve workflow efficiency and facilitate collaboration. Examples of clients include work with SSG, CCC, HSIS, and VSRC.
  • Building and deploying infrastructure components (networking, HPC clusters, grid technologies, for example) that can be incorporated into research applications. We also work with infrastructure providers to help shape their services to enable integration with research applications. Examples of this effort include our development of UABgrid and work with ENG, CIS, IT & Networking.
  • Focused expertise on HPC resources as a vehicle for building this infrastructure but are now branching out to facilitate the use of this infrastructure by a wide variety of research applications. Examples include collaborations to build a research support organization for UAB, such as those involve in build caBIG at UAB.
  • Expand access to HPC resources at UAB by increasing access to computation resources and build a seamless foundation for the development of research applications. Examples include work with SURAgrid, OSG, TeraGrid, etc.

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