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HPCS Biweekly Meeting with Bob 6 Nov 2008

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Summary of HPCS-BOB Meeting, Nov 6, 2008

1. Go over meeting with Geoff Gordon, JPR, John S, Matt W, & DLS – VO for group has been formed and is called caBIG Web Applications Group.

2. Review UABgrid Federated Systems and use with caBIG.

3. CaBIG Timelines: a. First caBIG Milestone for UAB was accomplished before due date of Sept 30, 08: running application (caArray). UAB is now registered with NCI as caBIG user. b. Second caBIG Milestone for UAB is to make “meaningful” use of caBIG to present “real” data to other caBIG users. LABKey will be this second caBIG application for UAB to post real mass-spectroscopy data online. The caBIG connector for LABKey has been updated by vendor to work with current version of caGrid, v. 1.2. c. Continue momentum which HPCS has for Nov – Jan 09 to ensure achieving second caBIG milestone at UAB in Q1 2009. d. Next meeting with the UAB caBIG web application group is scheduled for Dec 19 when we should be able to demonstration operation of LABKey in operational status on CaBIG using test data. Also, group will discuss exactly what information and form which CaGrid needs from any web application that will help UAB develop a block diagram of a caBIG connector that would be needed by HSIS to use JCAPS on caBIG in the future.

4. JPR will present talk on UABGrid (similar talk as presented to SE EDUCAUSE in June 2008) to IT Administrative Computing Group (Phillip Borden) on Dec 12, 3-4pm.

5. Address the InCommon-NIH-NIST2 LOA pilot project. Work on this with Landy.

6. Update on status of 10GE campus Research Network between HPC machine rooms in BEC and CH.

Draft v.1 Dec 9, 2008